IOT security

IOT security: review, blockchain solution, and open challenges
IOT architecture and security challenges
IOT protocols and standards
Security requirements for IOT
Single points of failure
Data privacy, confidentiality and integrity
Authentication, authorization and accounting
Availability of services
Energy efficiency
Categorization of security issues
Low-level Security Issues
Intermediate-level Security Issues
High-level Security Issues
- jamming adversaries - Insecure initialization - Lower-level Sybil and spoofing attacks - Insecure physical interface - Sleep deprivation attack
- Replay or duplication attacks due to fragmentation - Insecure neighbor discovery - Buffer reservation attack - RPL routing attacks - Sinkhole and Wormhole attacks - Sybil attacks on Intermediate layers - Authentication and secure communication - Transport level end-to-end security - Session establishment and resumption - Privacy violation on cloud-based IoT
- CoAP security with internet - Insecure interface - Insecure Software/firmware - Middleware Security
Blockchain solutions for IoT security
Security solutions for IoT
Low-level Security solutions
Intermediate-level Security solutions
High-level Security solutions
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