HebrewsEconomicThe Hebrews dedicated themselves to agriculture and livestock, they cultivated olive groves and vines. Camels, horses, and oxen helped herd the flocks of goats and sheep.ReligionThe Hebrews were monotheistic, that is, they believed in a single god who demanded exclusivity from them. They completely rejected the polytheists, idolaters and fetishists, they believed that accepting these practices were disapproved of by God and would result in destruction.PoliticsThe political organization of the Hebrew civilization was divided mainly into 3: patriarchs, judges and kings. The patriarchs chose them for their great experience and wisdom, usually they were the elders.Social organizationThe main social organization of the Hebrews was the family group, where the father was the highest authority figure, administered justice when required, led the war, and commanded religious rites.