Tableau Certified Associate Exam Skills

Tableau Certified Associate1.Data Connections - 17%2.Organizing & Simplifying Data - 10%3.Field & Chart Types - 15%4.Calculations - 18%5.Mapping - 13%6.Analytics - 15%7.Dashboards - 12%I.Connect to Tableau ServerII.Describe connection optionsIII.Connect to different data source typesIV.Join tables from single and multiple databasesV.Prepare Data for Analysis:i.Blendingii.Metadata Gridiii.Pivotiv.Unionv.Data InterpreterVI.Explain data extract formats and capabilitiesVII.Create extracts with multiple tablesVIII.Explain performance considerations between blends, joins, and cross-database joinsIX.Use Automatic & Custom SplitUnderstand how to:I.Filter dataII.Sort dataIII.Build groupsIV.Build hierarchiesV.Build setsI.Explain the difference between measures and dimensionsII.Explain the difference between discrete and continuous fieldsIII.Explain how to utilize Tableau-generated fieldsIV.Understand how and when to build:V.Use titles, captions and tooltips effectivelyVI.Edit axesVII.Use mark labels and annotationsi.Histogramsii.Heat mapsiii.Tree mapsiv.Bullet graphsv.Combined axis chartsvi.Dual axis chartsvii.Scatter plotsviii.Cross tabsix.Bar in bar chartsx.Box plotsUnderstand how to:I.Manipulate string and date calculationsII.Create quick table calculationsIII.Use level of detail (LOD) expressionsIV.Explain different types of LOD expressionsV.Use Ad-hoc calculationsVI.Work with aggregation optionsVII.Build logic statementsVIII.Build arithmetic calculationsIX.Build grand totals and sub-totalsX.Use calculations in join clausesI.Navigate maps, including:II.Modify locations within TableauIII.Import and manage custom geocodingIV.Use a background image mapV.Connect to spatial filesi.Pan & Zoomii.Filteringiii.Map layeringiv.Custom territoriesv.Lasso & Radial selectionvi.Geographic searchUse the following in visual analysis:I.Reference LinesII.Reference BandsIII.Trend LinesIV.Trend ModelV.ForecastingVI.Drag & Drop AnalyticsVII.Box PlotVIII.Reference DistributionsIX.Statistical Summary CardX.Instant AnalyticsXI.Data HighlighterI.Build dashboards and storiesII.Create dashboard actionsIII.Design dashboards for viewing on devicesIV.Utilize visual best practices for viewing on devicesV.Describe publishing & sharing options8.Main TopicSubtopicSubtopic
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