SAP on Azure in a Day

SAP on Azure in a dayLogisticsExecutionTake AwayEngagement ApproachPerceptionSAP on Azure deployment is easyValue realization is fastConfidenceSuccessful PoCA rehaearsal of SAP on Azure Business caseFame/MarketingWinners BadgeName in Internal News letterFeedbackRelationshipThings they likedThings to ImproveDecision MakerInfluencerParticipantsMicrosoftBusiness ScenarioDeploy Azure Enterprise Scale FoundationDeploy SAP S/4HANA SystemConfigure SAP S/4HANA SystemHacksProtect SAP S/4HANA SystemExpose SAP S/4HANA SystemConfigure SSO for SAP S/4HANA SystemMonitor SAP S/4HANA SystemWhat?Why?ResourcesCoachesParticipantsJudgesTeam#1Team#2On PartnerCustomerPartnerCustomerTeam#3PartnerToolsAzure AD TenantAzure SubscriptionCustomerPartnerAutomation ScriptsSAP ImagesHackathon ChallengesIdea to Scale across sub?ThinkWhat are the key customer challenges in cloud adoption
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