History of Vancouver

The History of VancouverBy the 1930s Vancouver was Canada's significant Pacific coast port.After World War II it formed into Canada's fundamental business center for exchange with Asia and the Pacific Rim.By 1901 Vancouver was a clamoring city of 26,000 and it developed at an extraordinary rate.After a great fire the city recuperated, despite that, to turn into a well-off port, supported partially by the establishment of the Panama Canal in 1914.It was joined as a city in April 1886 and was renamed to respect the English guide George Vancouver.Jose Maria Narvaez a Spaniard, arrived at the area through the route lead by the ocean in 1791. By 1931 Vancouver had 246,000 residents.After the Second World War Vancouver kept on developing quickly. The Museum of Anthropology was established in 1947. Additionally, in 1956 Capilano Suspension Bridge was remade.