History of Tokyo

History of Tokyo18691869 – 19431943 – Present DayTokyo was initially a fishing town called Edo.It was first invigorated by the Edo Clan in the twelfth century and after 200 years the celebrated Edo Castle was established.In 1509, the city turned into the government’s center when Tokugawa Ieyasu became Shogun and prepared it as his hometown. During this time, the city developed quickly and checked 1,000,000 occupants at the start of the eighteenth century. After the earthquake in 1923, the dense network building of subway stations started.The advancement of Tokyo went on, it was struck by the 1923 Kantō quake.After the city was merged with the Prefecture of Tokyo into Tokyo Metropolis in 1943, it was effectively remade and was selected to host the Summer Olympics of 1964. The 1970s brought a huge turn of events and the populace expanded up to 11 million.That time is designated and known as The Lost Decade of Japan and the country recovered gradually.
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