History of Osaka

History of OsakaThe Early Years The 15th Century – 19th Century The 19th Century till Present DayThe first-ever sign of habitation or human life in the area around Osaka was found as the buried skeletons that are from far in the past dating to some 5th to 6th century.The Naniwa Nagara-Toyosaki Palace was built in 645 by the emperor Kotoku by making Naniwa (present-day Osaka) the new capital of Japan.In the year 1496, one of the Buddhist sects established its headquarters in one of the strong temples known as the Ishiyama Hongan-Ji.All through time, Osaka grew out to become a center of economy and a well-known major city of Japan.The expansion of Osaka continued during the 19th century. Osaka has a promising situation due to which it observed the high number of Korean immigrants.During world war 2 Osaka had to undergo massive destruction as the American air raid hit the city multiple times making sure to affect the urban areas.
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