History of Montreal

History of Montreal2000 BC 1535 1642 1701 1760 1775 1825 The 19th Century Tools of stone found in the Montréal region are accepted to be around 4,000 years of age.Jacques Cartier, a cartographer, and a French explorer, with a group of two dozen men, approach Hochelaga, a St. Lawrence Iroquoian invigorated village.At Stadacona, Cartier abducts Chief Donnacona and nine other St. Lawrence Iroquois and takes them to France in the spring of 1536, where a large portion of them dies. In the wake of building up Québec in 1608 and Trois-Rivières in 1634, the French government crafts a third settlement on the island of Montréal.The Société de Notre-Dame de Montréal is established in 1639.The settlers board a boat again and show up close to the area of Hochelaga in May 1642.Montréal turns into the center of the fur trade in the seventeenth centuryA significant step forward happens in 1700This gives France the essential authenticity to welcome the countries surrounding the lakes to a meeting in the late spring of 1701.After a conclusive British success on the Plains of Abraham and the capturing of Québec City, the British military gather under Jeffrey Amherst and walk towards Montréal.Montréal gives up and surrenders to conditions that will shape the living together of the French and British in British North America.At that point in November 1775, the Americans occupied Montreal yet it has retreated within 7 months. Then, Montreal prospered under British rule.The Bank of Montreal was established in 1817 and right after that in the year 1825 the Lachine Canal was established. It avoided rapids in the waterway.During the nineteenth century amenities in Montreal continuously improved. From 1836 Montreal was lit by gas.Montreal Police Department was framed in 1843.At that point in 1847, Montreal was connected to Lachine by the rail line.In 1852 the population in Montreal was around 58,000 and it kept on growing quickly. By 1914, it had ascended to about a large portion of 1,000,000. Christ Church Cathedral was established in 1859 and Victoria Bridge opened in 1860.