History of Singapore

History of SingaporeOrigin of SingaporeThe Raffles EffectAcquisition of BritishWorld War 2 Colonialism's EndPost War Period Independence of SingaporeA prince from Sumatra founded Singapore.He considered it as a sign of goodwill and so named the city after Singapore, which means the lion city.When Lord Hasting in late 1818 appointed Sir Raffles the British governor-general of India in order to build a station for trading in the southern tip of the Malay peninsula.After Malacca and Penang, Singapore became the third British acquisition in east India Malay.People across Malaysia, Europe, India, and China came to Singapore to live and work here.In 1942, Malaysia was conquered by the Japanese that gained superiority over the naval and air rapidly in the area.Japanese had Singapore captivated until 1945. Once officially British got hold of Singapore from Japan, a proper administration was formed in order to govern the island.