Prophet Muhammad in Makkah Timeline

Life in Makkah timeline
1 Nabawi 610 BCE the first revelation prophet receives in the cave of hira on mount noor
2) Nabawi 611 CE private propagation of the message to a small but growing number of believers mainly youth and slaves there is a Hadith in Quran related to this saying “Then surely I spoke to them in public and I spoke to them in private” evidently probing this period of time was Islam growing mainly in youth and slaves.
3) 613 CE. The en of private propagation
4) 614 first migration to Abyssinia: Rajan 12 men and 4 women headed by uthman bin affairs and wife ruqayyah
6) 615 CE conversion of Hamza and umar: the number of believers have been growing and starts to challenge quraysh
7 and 8) 616-627 CE social economic boycott:the boycott took place in the ka’ba Muslims were forced to live in the valley of Abu talibfor 3 years experiencing severe hunger and hardship
9) 618 CE boycott is revoked :the worms eat part of the written document
10) 619 CE: year of sorrow: the prophets uncle had passed away Abu-talib shortly followed by his beloved wife and helper Khadijah, the prophet decides to visit ta’if to convey the message,however he is pelted and driven after 10 days
11) 620 CE : pledge of Aqabah: 6by now Islam has spread a lot unlike before many people are there to support and face the quraysh, 6 men of khazraj arrive from yathrib and pledge to support the prophet and his message
12) 621 CE: isra’ and mi’raj this night the prophet (P.B.U.H) is taken on a night journey to Jerusalem and then to the heavens and 5 prayers were made fardh
13) 622 CE: Hijrah-Migration: some help from Makkah comes the to the scene for the Hijra to marinas, marking the second phase of the prophetic life
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