CIVIL RIGHTSNelson MandelaMahatma GhandiMartin Luther King Studied as a lawyerAgainst Apartheid=segregation These laws separed black and white people1993 Nobel Peace Prize1994 First Black President1918-2013Non violent approchHe was arrestedHe spent 27 years in prison on Robben IslandWhile in prison he read lots of books and versesFist democratic election1969-1948He was a lawyerHe spent 21 years in South Africa where he developed his political viewsHe was descriminated and bullied because of his skin colour After these incidents he felt he must fight for civil rightsHe employed non violent resistance to lead the campaign for India's indipendence from british rule1930- the salt marchHe was assassinated in 1948"Whit this handful of salt I'm shaking the foundations of the British Empire"1947 India became indipendent from BritainHe ispired moviments for civil rights and freedom across de world1929-1968Atlanta, Georgia,USANon violent approch 1964 Nobel Peace PrizeHe was assassinated in 1968Religion education At 18 years , he became a Baptist Church preacherHe took parts of his idea from GhandiBy James Earl Ray1955-Rosa Parks refuses to give way to a white man on a Montgomery bus and is arrested.As a form of protest against this injustice, he organized a boycott of public transport in the city.People won't use buses for 381 days1963 he was arrested for taking part in a protest demonstration28 August 1963, in Washington he delivers his speech"I have a dream"