The way out is in

then the transaction with the outer will be smoothjoy is not the real solutionThe way out is inHuman PredicamentWhat is well-being and what are the obstaclesstomach empty one problem but stomach full many problemspleasantness in human experiencewhich comes from withinWell lady, it's your dream!bullshit storyIf you are dependent on outer situations then youlittle joy here and therefear of losing little thingstortureso stop bullshiting yourselfwhat is the solution then?see that the human experience comes from withinwe can generate anandamide and we also have cannabis receptorswhat we are deprived of seems the ultimate goalbut it is not the casestory of a old man and a frogReal solutionno boundary bukti why not naturally enlighteneddivided in good and badout 24996 miles in 4 miles