Ready Player One

Ready Player OneBook InformationsOverviewMain CharactersAuthorYear Published: 2011Ernest ClineA Life-and-Death Video Game QuestIn the dystopian world of 2044, people escape into the OASIS, an online simulation created by James Halliday. Before his death, Halliday hid an Easter egg in the OASIS for one person to find and win his fortune. Determined to find the egg and escape poverty, Wade Watts faces off against the corporation Innovative Online Industries (IOI)—but they are willing to kill to win.1. As his avatar Parzival, Wade Watts is the first gunter (egg hunter) to open the First Gate.2. Bent on finding the egg, IOI and its mercenaries—the Sixers—start attacking gunters in real life.3. With Art3mis close behind, Parzival opens the Second Gate and learns the Third Gate is in Castle Anorak.4. When the Sixers erect a force field around Castle Anorak, Parzival hacks IOI’s systems.5. After an epic online battle, Parzival, Art3mis, and Aech unlock the Third Gate.6. When Parzival finds the egg, Halliday’s avatar gives him the prize and advice—don’t waste your life inside virtual reality.Aech