20 Easter quiz questions for kids

20 Easter quiz questions for kids1. Why do Christians celebrate Easter Sunday?Because it was when Jesus was resurrectedBecause everyone loves a SundayBecause we needed a date to eat lots of chocolate2. What dried fruit is in hot cross buns?RaisinsCranberriesBlackcurrants3. What is the nation’s favourite chocolate bar?Mars barSnickersMilky way4. What is the nation’s favourite way to eat eggs?Hard-boiledOmeletteScrambled5. What type of bun do we traditionally eat during Easter?Hot cross bunHot upset bunHot angry bun6. What date is Easter?12th April20th AprilEaster changes date every year!7. What does Good Friday honour?The day Jesus was crucifiedThe day Jesus was resurrectedThe day Jesus ate his last supper8. In which story does a rabbit carry a pocket watch and says “I’m late!”Peter PanChitty Chitty Bang BangAlice in Wonderland9. What do the clocks do in Spring?They stopThey go backwardsThey go forwards10. What is the main ingredient in chocolate?SugarCocoaMilk11. What do chocolate eggs look like?Chicken eggsPenguin eggsCrocodile eggs12. Who wrote the tale of Peter Rabbit?Beatrix PotterRoald DahlJ.K. Rowling13. What is the darkest chocolate you can buy?70% dark chocolate95% dark chocolate100% dark chocolate14. What meat is traditionally eaten at Easter?LambChickenPork15. What dance is traditional at Easter?Morris dancingThe MacarenaThe Gangnam Style dance16. What do people traditionally bake at Easter?Simnel cakeHot cross bunsEaster nestsAll three!17. What colour jacket does Peter Rabbit wear?GreenYellowBlue18. Who – or what – brings eggs to French children?The Easter bunnyFlying church bellsBy chicks19. What’s Bambi’s rabbit pal called?BumperThumperFlumper20. Where can we find the largest chocolate Easter egg in the world, weighing over 7,200kg?AmericaItalyBelgium
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