20 Easter quiz questions for adults

20 Easter quiz questions for adults
1. How many Easter eggs are bought and consumed in the UK each year?
8 million
80 million
18 million
2. Which chocolatier produced the first hollow chocolate Easter?
JS Fry & Sons
John Cadbury
Paul A. Young
3. What does the egg symbolise?
Fertility, rebirth and new beginnings
Equality, fairness and justice
Happiness, peace and positivity
4. When was the first Easter egg created?
5. Which civilisation started the tradition of giving eggs as gifts? 
All of the above
6. What part of the cocoa plant does white chocolate contain?
The bean
The butter
The pulp
All of the above
7. What did people in Mesoamerica originally use cocoa beans for?
A strengthening drink
All of the above
8. What did a bar of chocolate prompt the creation of?
A microwave
A toaster
A sieve
9. Where is the best place to store your chocolate?
In the fridge
In a cool, dark area
In a warm and sunny space
10. What was Madonna’s second no.1 single in UK charts over Easter in 1989?
Like a prayer
Express yourself
Like a virgin
11. Which country does Easter Island belong to?
12. How many eggs have gone into the world’s largest omelette?
110,000 eggs
11,000 eggs
1,000 eggs
13. Which country throws a massive water fight to celebrate Easter?
14. Which country switched the Easter bunny image into an Easter bilby?
New Zealand
15. What is a modern-day, ‘digital’ easter egg
A digital image of an Easter egg that can be emailed to loved ones
A term for when the internet buffers
A message, image or hidden feature found within a film or video game
16. How many Easter bunnies are manufactured each year?
90 million
9 million
900 million
17. What goes on the top of a simnel cake?
Royal icing
18. How much do households roughly spend a year on Easter?
19. How much did the world’s most expensive Easter egg sell for?
$8.4 million
20. Why are some eggs dyed red at Easter?
Because people like the colour red
To represent the blood of Jesus Christ
Because it’s the only colour left
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