Teaching Students

Teaching Students to Think for Themselves
Encourage students to be curious. This can be done in any classroom by having students ask questions
Always give students a choice. If you tell them how and when to do something, you can destroy their creativity
Teach students to understand their own values and goals in life. Once they know who they are, they can find the right path easier
Teach students to listen to others and to utilize what they hear. Teach nthem to be respecrful to other ideas and beliefs
Teach students to solve problems so that they learn about resources and asking for help
Choose to present your lessons in a way that will engage students. Make learning applicable and relevant
Teach students to voice their opinion and to stand up for what they believe in.
Teach students to know what is true and what is fake. Teach them the process of questioning before they believe
A student who can think for themselves will be more successful in life, no matter what pathway they choose
Teach students to love and trust themselves