How innovation changes the world

How Innovation Changes the World
Creativity and Society
Creating the Future
BIM, 3D Printing, Modular Construction, Drone Surveyinging
Society, does it influence us?
If you were to think of 10 innovations which were not around 10 years ago, but are common today, you would be surprised at what appears.
Internet of Things
How Does Innovation Change Society?
The Application of Ideas
What is Innovation?
Innovations and Society
Creativity is the innovation itself but unless its applied and scaled correctly, its still an idea.
Sometimes it moves too fast and some people forget to appreciate something and they move onto the next primary thing.
Some people will embrace change within society and respect it, others will refuse the change. Innovations benefit us on a daily basis and we need to appreciate even the small innovations which could make minimal difference to us, but a world of difference to someone else (in a positive way).
Who controls us and our choices within society?
As individuals, we are controlled by a lot of forces, natural and unnatural. Natural could be weather constraints or positions of landmasses. Unnatural could be laws, or pollution.
Innovation scan help to organise all these things so that we have a better understanding.
Peoples Personalities and Interests have a heavy impact on their innovation success rate
What are the drivers within education for innovation?
Role Models; Greta Thunberg?
Core Values affect Innovations
Climate Change
Innovations can affect our carbon Footprint
Electric cars, Good or Bad?
Pros; No CO2 Emissions
Cons; High CO2 impact to create the batteries
Politics / Government; What are they driving?
Leadership Changes; New laws / regulations dictating what can or cannot be omitted to the air within a city?
Who is driving it?
What is its direction for the present / future
How sustainable were we in the past?
Who cares about sustainability?
Why are regulatory bodies / politicians drivers for sustainability?
Why are they important
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