Mind Map Webinar_Soil Investigation

WEBINAR : SOIL INVESTIGATION (Jienovicco Winner Jaibin AA191820 Sec 4)
Desk study and site visit
Learning Topics
Field Work
Basic concept
Steps of soil exploration
Record and report
Experience sharing session
To assess the site's general suitability for an engineering project.
To allow the development of a stable, functional, and cost-effective design.
To figure out what problems a particular construction method may have.
Site Reconnaissance
Site investigation Planning
Parameters setting for design
Possible problem encounter
Mobilization Planning
Staff Organization
Relevant soil testing
Correct method of testing
Soil Type identification
Obtaining soil parameters
Detail Analysis
Exploring of proposed site and boreholes locations
Extracting sample for parameter identification
Exploring possibilities of difficulties during construction
Exploring possibilities of using a correct materials during construction
Exploring possibilities of design parameters to be used
Identify ground water tables and water content