How we affect the earth

How we affect earth Have humans impacted earth?Since the human came to earth, we have contaminated, things like; agriculture, the creation of industries, cattle raising, etc...Human impactsThe garbage caused by human is a reallly big problem that have occuped many espaces such as; sea, beach, mountains, fields etc...Even when we breathe we contaminate the earth, there is a estimation that says that the 80% of the earth sufrces has been modified by human handsHumans have done good things for earth, but also bad things that affectBiosphereHydrosphereThis generate pollution in the soil, ground water, also, theres a whole continent, the jungles, forest are diying, and also the animals die in this terrible conditionsHydrosphereEven if we don't want ot belive in this, this bad changes affect every one, not only some people or some animals, if we don't care about the situation, the earth is going to desappear with usGarbage discontrolGreen house gas contaminationHydro sources contaminatedThe inhale of contaminated airA big jungle is now a big patch of soilNonrenewable resourcesSources that won't renew againOnce that this resourses finish, they can't be replaced, this happens because the big and absurd consumerism that we haveThis resources are; coal, fossil fuels, oil and natural gascoalfossil fuels oil and natural gasOil is petrolium, this is very necessary for our daily lives, but, a problem that the cosumerism gave was fracking, this contaminates a lot. And, natural gas provides us things that we always use, such as; stoves, showers, and it powers furnancesThis also gave us really necessary things, but, the problem is that they are consuming really fast this resource and it takes millions of ages to formThe coal gives energy, also its liquid form gives fuel to vehicles