Elementary Mathematics

Elementary MathematicsWeek 8Week 7Subtraction Using Expanded FormSubtraction Using Equal AddendsSpiraling ContentMultiplication FactsMultiplication Alt algorithmsDivision: Long,repeated subtraction. and upwardsDivisibility RulesIntro to integers: Build and ShowSolving and Adding IntegersWeek 9Integers: Build, Sub, MultiplyBuild multiplicationIntegers: Solving sub and DivisionWeek 10Intro to FractionsSolving fractions: add/subtractComparing FractionsWeek 12Multiplying Fractions AlgorithmDividing Fractions AlgorithmShowing Fractions: Add, sub, multiplyWeek 13Showing DecimalsSolving Decimals: Adding/ Subtracting/ MultiplyingWeek 14Order of OperationsWeek 15Scientific NotationWeek 11Exam 2
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