Client Asks
How is the offering unique for me?
How can i get the best minds and Infosys as an organization to work for me?
How are you aligned with MS and changes happening in ecosystem?
Have you done this before? What is thought leadership you bring to the fore?
Industry Solutions & Plaatforms
Technical Accelerators / SmartMove
Digital Experience
Change Management
Traditional Offerings - App Dev, AMS, Rollouts
COEs, MBAS Academy, Lex, Competency Development & Certfiication Focus
Tapping into partner ecosystem - service partners, ISVs, co-creation partners, deal advisors
Consulting Offerings - Advisories, Package Evaluation
Localization and local "client advisors" (practice sales)
Great 360 dgreee partnership
Inner Circle Member / Early Access to new offerings
Industry Cloud Adoption
Working with Microsoft
What is your differentiation in LCNC areas?
Focus on Enterprise Productivity & Collaboration
Citizen Automation
Legacy Modernization runway
Remote Collaboration & Retun to Work
Applied Intelligence & Insights
Do you use the products that you sell internally as well?
New "As-a-Service" offerings - Evangelization, COE, Governance, Citizen Development
Taking our offerings along with MS products jointly to market
XIAD - anything in a day
MS Seller Enablement
Joint Virtual Events - round tables, etc.
Direct product development in CRM, CI
White Glove Support - ACE
MS Internal Apps on D365 / MSIT
Infosys Sales run on D365 CE & LinkedIn Sales Navigator
We use TEAMs for collaboration and virtual connect, remote delivery
Our learning platform "Lex" is on TEAMs
Pipeline and lot of operations managed on SharePoint
Proof Points in Market
Publshed Case Studies on MS Sites
Joint Publications with Analysts
Public Client Testimonials on Infosys website
External Thought Leadership
White Papers
Industry Sessions in MS & Industry events
Industry Publications
Platform of Possibilities (E-Book) with MS
POVs on Latest Trends in Market
Industry Solution Brochures & POVs
Demos & GTM artefacts for Solutions
Organizaational Investments - COBALT, Service Store (Live Enterise), Infosys Innovation Network,
Microsoft Finance Cloud
Microsoft Retail Cloud
#1 Supplier, #1 ACR, #1 partner in US, Runner-up Partner of Year
Create new services - Build-The-Next (BTN)
New Offerings
Repurpose Existing Offerings
Focus on Industry + Geo - what works!
Align with the new "Digital Transformation Group" Startegy - extend ERP/CRM to include IOT, AI and Data platform products
Rename / Rebrand our offerings - "
1. Data Driven Applications - reeverse
2. Produce Data
Industry Pivots
Service Offerings
Platform & Experience
Comptency, Structure
What is value that you bring to my program?
Commercial Models
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4i Framework
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