Increased levels of development

Increased Development
Habitat Loss
Polluted soil
Soil is at risk of erosions from the loss of trees and plants
Aquifer Contamination
Green House Gas
The animals are forced out of their environment, crumbling the ecosystem and nature in the given area
As the demand for homes rises, thousands of trees and life cut down. Trees are the foundation to an ecosystem; the effects are unmeasurable including, flooding, soil erosion, higher CO2 levels etc
With the trees being cut down there is a rise in air pollution
Ground water is at risk of contamination from power plants, waste management, and pesticides
2.47 million trees are cut down every day to make way for human expansion
Hosts problems for indigenous peoples
Thousands of animals die due to the sudden change of environments. In fact, animals can lose their habitats in one day given the technology and machinery we have today
Pollution from vehicles, machines, construction and raise green house gases
Human lives are at risk of lung damage and other health risks from poor air quality
Contaminations could result in health risks, sicknesses/viruses and even death. Death for all living things
Human activity such as litter and other harmful chemicals increase as the population rises
Animals and micro organisms naturally take care of the soils, without them there is a trickle affect.
Many species of fish, insects, and amphipods live in, and rely on aquifers
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