Newton's 3rd Law

Newtons 3rd Law
Opposite Forces
Newton's Third Law of Motion
Using Newton's Third Law of Motion
When an object applies a force on another object, the second object applies a force of the same strength on the first object, but the force is in the opposite direction.
Force Pairs
A force pair is the forces two objects apply to each other.
Action and Reaction
In a force pair, one force is called the action force. The other force is called the reaction force.
For every action force, there is a reaction force that is equal in strength but opposite in direction.
When the reaction force results in an unbalanced force, there is a net force, and the object accelerates.
A measure of how it is to stop a moving object.
Momentum means "movement, impulse."
Conservation of Momentum
Object's momentum is in the same direction as its velocity.
More mass = more momentum.
Law of Conservation
In any collision, one object transfers momentum to another object.
Types of Collisions
The total momentum of a group of objects stays the same unless outside forces act on the objects.
Elastic collision happens when objects bounce off each other.
Inelastic collision happens when objects collide and stick together.
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