Extensive vs. Intensive Reading

TeachingReadingReading Intensively"Because you must do it"Reading Extensively"Because you want to do it"You have to read what is required, even if you like it or not.You have the freedom to select your readings.It is usually graded.It is just for pleasure. No tests are required.Readers used to get bored easely.Readers look for other books to keep reading.It produces better results in advanced readers. It is no good for beginners.It is good for beginners. They feel engaged with the language and the content.Willy's results were not good at the beginning because he was reading by obligation.Hiu Min was an avid reader. She got better results in test because of her commitment with reading.He found interest in readings when he discoverd science fiction books.She loved science fiction books because the plot was very interesting.Because of his reading abit, he got exelent results in his test at the end of the semester in contrast with his results at the beginning of the semester.She was a great student since she was a child, despite of the lack of interest in the study that her family showed.