GLOBAL POVERTY & WEALTH DEFINITION OF 'POVERTY''A pronounced deprivation in well-being'NARROW MEANING tangible assertsBOARD MEANINGIntangible propertyCLASSTIFICATION OF POVERTYAbsoluteRelativeChronically poorTransiently poorIncomeVulnerable CAUSESOF POVERTY HISTORY OFEXPLOITATIONBE EXPLOITED RESOURCES WAR &POLITICAL INSTABILITYRESTRICTED HUMAN RIGHTS RACIAL SEGREGATIONDEMOTE THEDEVELOPMENTInsecurity + UnsafeThe influx of refugees Escape conflicts Lacking laboursSTRUCTURAL ECONOMICWar's expense & tolls Budget deficits War/ Unrests => no peaceLacking basic condition for progress Lack of national budget Owe from foreign sourcesBe dependent on others -> be controledINEQUALITYBig gap between 'Have' & 'Have-nots" The poor -> still in CHRONIC povertyMEASURES& REDUCEOFFICALS DEVELOPMENT& ASSISTANCEINAPPROPRIATE AIDSINCOMPATIBLE WITHamenities & conditions LESS EFFECTIVENESSTRADE &INVESTMENTMONEY LENDINGUNITED NATIONS' GOAL