Generals die in bed

Quote thats an example of a Loss of InnocenceAs you can see from this quote that the narrotor isn't even bothered by the fact that people die and he may dieGenerals die in bedLoss of InnocenceNovel Summary"Why did I have to kill him?"In the novel “Generals Die In Bed”, the author emphasizes the fact that no one can escape death and or prepare for it. This is highlighted multiple times throughout the novel like for example. The narrator is seen questioning himself on why he is frozen and choked up by tears after hearing that his friend cleary is dead on page 73.In this qoute you see him questioning his actions. And even the later is shown shaking after the booze wears off"I am terrified. I hug the earth, digging my fingers into every crevice, every hole" "It is merely another day- another day on which we may die"Generals die in bed is a novel about an unamed soilder going to war and telling us about the real and tough experinces in that happen in war. Friends die and lives are lost. Just another day at war.rageviolent, uncontrollable anger.confusionA situation of panic or a breakdownDeathSadness, numbness, or anger to gradually ease. These and other difficult emotions become less intense as you begin to accept the loss and start to move forward with your life
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