Disadvantages of online learning

SolutionSolutionSolutionSolutionSolutionSolutionDisadvantages of online learning No face to face interaction E-learning can lack a student communityTime managment can hard with e-learning Instability of internet connection and computer is neededNo self-disciplincheating prevention during online assessments is complicatedLack of self motivation to studentsask for feedback and keep in touch with teachersBuild in opportunities for student to share their knowledge and experiencesStudents can create a master schedule ,set goals for each study session Student can create a supportive environment set their goals get enough restTeacher can randamize questions ,set timer ,display questions one at a timeavoid distractions that can affect your learning ,create realstic goals ,reword your self ,stay positive trying to find a high speed internet connection at home ,knowing where can you get technical supprt for your connection
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