Pedagogy - Basic Concepts and Curricular Theory

Basic concepts and
curricular Theory
characteristics that society
must possess to obtain a utopia.
Those who would rule his society
would be philosopher rulers.
With mathematics and philosophy, a ruler
would have achieved superior knowledge.
People who did not attain higher levels
of education should be assigned to tasks
that correspond to them.
Offers better philosophical systems
Aristotle's philosophy dominated the
thinking of the Western world, both
philosophical and scientific.
knowledge of him was left behind in
the modern era due to new movements.
Pedagogy is the means to transform
education into knowledge.
First moment: where a student must
be submissive and obedient
Second moment: occurs when the
student reflects for himself from his
moral strength.
It is founded by Maria Montessori who
studied medicine and later studied
Her passion for her education came from
spending her time with children whom
she sought to help progress.
By observing the children, she saw that a
loving environment adapted to him
develops him better.
She founded a children's home where they
practiced hygiene and manners.
The children learned to read naturally
Known as the liberator of the child
and father of progressive education.
He advises looking at nature
and following the path marked by it
Children should not be punished, they
should suffer the consequences of
their actions.
Observation and experimentation are
the child's way of learning about the
world around him.