Project Management - the Curl Lab

The Curl Lab1.PainsFar away to get the right productsNot enough skilled hairstylers2.Gainsopportunity Learn skills early on3.Customer JobsMore resonable pricesCustomers want to give back and be able to help5.Gain CreatorsEasy access to productsTrain hairstylistsLocal6.Pain RelieversEasy access, having products for all hair typesLocal, Its easy for people to findEasy access to product & skills4.Products/ ServicesTrain hairstylists for all hair typesTrain appertinceStatement:if i can provide products and skills for different hair types then individuals will come to learn and experience the right care of their hairSurvey questionsHow much would you pay for our services?What would you like to learn about your hair?How can we make your saloon experience a positive one?Where do you get your hair products now?What is one thing that will make you comeback?How well does our products meet you needs?
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