Are you suffering from depression

Are you suffering from depression?IntroductionBodyConclusionStatisticsKey factsMain SymptomsTypesCausesSolutionsSummaryAction StepsCTAMajor Depressive DisorderPersistent Depressive DisorderAngerAggressivenessLoss of interestInability to concentratePhysical wellbeingMoodRestlessnessEmotionalFeeling emptySadBehaviourFeeling tired easilyCognitive AbilitiesDifficulty completing the tasksSuicidal thoughtsWeight lossWeight gainFamily historyChildhood traumaLow Self-esteemStressful eventsLoss of loved oneEconomic problemsAssociation mattersLook up to successful people similar to you and understand their storyChange the surroundingsUnderstand that every problem has a great reward with it when you overcomeChange to positive associationFind lookalike in successful peopleChange the places that triggers your negative thoughtsAlways focus on the positive side
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