Coca-Cola vs. PepsiCo

Mind MapBrandingAdvertisingMarketingProcurement of raw materials and manufacturig SupplyingCoca-ColaPepsiCoUplifted Alex' 2017 Partnership with McDonald's since 1955 SponsoredFootball international ads, 'Play Never Stops' 2020 Partnership with KFC Coca-ColaPepsiCoCreated new graphies Offline Marketing Big Bold Blue Design Pepsi channel Coca-ColaPepsiCoable to supply to local store within 48 hours as one of the most valuable and reliable suppliers for its retail partners plan for potential disruptions due to seasonal sourcing requirements, weather and climate change, and shifts in demand Coca-ColaPepsiCoSources materials using sustainable practices and seek to use them efficiently Indirect suppliers IT carbonated water, color caramel, phosphoric acid, sugar, natural flavor,citric acid,caffeine sources high-quality raw material by outstanding suppliers from thousands of independent farmers and small-business farmers. Coca-ColaPepsiCooffer snacks baked with low fat ingredients  Non-alcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups offers over 200 countries & territoriesLogo remains unchanged (>100 years)Adapted a franchise model in worldwide (>250)
comprise nutritious products Invest in reformulations to improve the quality of existing products BET Network NASCAR Fifa 2018 Alex Hunter Sponsored National Basketball Association (NBA) MTN Dew will remain title sponsor of three point contest during All-Star Weekend UEFA Champions League since 2015 Sports and physical activity marketingpackaging Pos Materialstreet signsTruckVending machineschool cinemas theme park restaurant chains Pepsimoji Pepsi 0-1 Pepsi perfect bottle Bact to Future 2 supermarkets convenience mart restaurant strict quality control as quality, environment and health safety certifications are needed from suppliers to franchise partner Sustainable Farming Program in India to promote reponsible agricultural practices achieved 82.3% in Sugar & HFS and 87.9% for Juices (Fruit crops). Direct suppliers ingredients packaging suppliers production logistics providers carbonated water, color caramel,phosphoric acid ,caffeine, natural flavor,and fructose corn sugar
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