KESETARAAN GENDERDefinitionKonsep seks atau gender mengacu pada perbedaan biologis antara perempuan dan laki - laki, pada perbedaan tubuh antara laki-laki dan perempuanDefinitionA trait inherent in both men and women that is socially and culturally constructedTheorySocial conflict theoryLiberal feminism theoryMarzis-Social feminism theoryRadical feminism theoryEconomic theoryPsychoanalytic theoryCharacteristics of gender equalityEqual treatment and opportunityNot experiencing gender biasProviding jobs that match your interests and talentsIn accordance with the needs and relevant to the demands of the timesTreat it the best possibleIssueConflict in the social systemThere is no difference between men and womenAwareness of oppressed groupsFocusing more on the existence of the family and the patriarchal system (male)Individuals as creatures who are bound and interact with their environmentRevealing that the behavior and personality of men and women from the beginning is determined by sexual developmentSubordinationMarginalizationWorkloadViolenceA judgment/assumption that a role performed by one sex is inferior to the otherA process of marginalization due to gender differences that results in povertyThe workload received by one gender is more than the other sexActions of physical/non-physical violence perpetrated by one gender/family, community or state against the other genderThere is still very little representation of women in the world of politics dalam dunia politikIn remuneration, married women are considered single so they are given inappropriate wagesKindergarten teachers, convection workers, domestic helper factory workers are considered as low-level workers so that it affects the wages they receiveChanges from traditional farming systems to modern agricultural systems using machines, thus marginalizing women workersWomen: soft and emotional so they shouldn't be managers or leadersWomen: the main workers are at home and if they work they only help their husbands so they are paid less and don't need a high positionSexual harassmentSexual exploitation of women and pornographySDGs Target Gender EqualityEliminate all forms of violence against women in public and private spaces, including trafficking in persons and sexual exploitation, as well as various other types of exploitation.End all forms of discrimination against women everywhere.Eliminate all harmful practices, such as child marriage, early and forced marriage, and female circumcision.Recognize and reward unpaid care work and domestic work through the provision of public services, infrastructure and social protection policies, and the promotion of nationally appropriate shared responsibilities within the household and family.Ensure full and effective participation, and equal opportunities for women to lead at all levels of decision-making in political, economic and community life.