Monthly Plan

JUNE MONTHFirst WeekSecond WeekThird WeekFourth WeekHealthSocialImprovementWorkPhysicalMentalattending marriagediscussion with brothermeeting dentistcavity fillingmedicines for general healthYogaDynarestDonating for Covid-19learing Hindisleepinglearning soft skillsAttending Refresher CourseSubmitting AssignmentListenig to videos and answering QuiZHealthSocialWorkImprovementmeeting dentistreview of fillingattending marriagediscussion with brotherDonating for Covid-19Attending Refresher CourseSubmitting AssignmentListenig to videos and answering QuiZlearing Hindi part -Isleepinglearning soft skillsHealthSocialWorkImprovementHealthSocialWorkImprovementgo to bed earlytaking nutrious foodgeneral check upAttending religious satsang Attending anothe marriagePurchase of Gift for marriagesend cheque for charityshoppingpurchasing birth day shirtgo to friend houseAttending Refresher Coursedownloading Refresher course atendance certificateexpressing thanks to all speakersLanguage learnig Hindi part IIswimmingPractising OBSLearning Hindi -III partcyclingpractising all software taught in RConline classesgiving introduction to Practical -IIset questions for chapter I (DC)taking pills right time
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