WELDING Quality of weldingThe basic conditions of welding qualityWeldingmovementsCommon Types of Welding DefectsTypes of JointsDefinitionWelding is a fabrication process whereby two or more parts are fused together by means of heat, pressure or both forming a join as the parts cool. Butt jointTee jointCorner jointLap jointEdge jointThe product is finished accurately in accordance with the design dimensions.The product offers the required functionality and strength (or safety).The appearance of the weld satisfies the required level.No cracks or holes found in the bead.The finished product satisfies the design dimensions and has almost no distortion.The welding meets the required strength.The bead has uniform waves, width and height.Full penetration welds that fuse and join the entire interface between the base material or a weld joint including partial penetration welds should be used appropriately to ensure the necessary rigidity. PenetrationIncomplete FusionUndercuttingSlag Inclusion