ImplementationSCOPE OF WORKMETHODOLOGYDOCUMENTATIONPLAN SCHEDULECOMMUNICATIONBe specificUse VisualGet Sign offsAccessibilityPreparing Work Breakdown SchedulesScope DocumentationBlueprints Drawing & SpecificationsSubmittals & ApprovalsPermits, Fees & LicensesMonitor & Update RegularlyCommunicate & CollaborateSpeak UpMonitoring ProjectProject ExecutionPlanning Project ActivitiesProject Planner2 - Dimensional drawings that specify the detail per items for a project.Documents that require are response including the drawings, specifications & materials.Feedback from stockholders.It contains timeline and description of the project implemented.Comprised of deadlines, deliverables, goals & tasksInstructions for the estimated number of workers to be deployed in the project.Certificate of cutting trees from DENR.Certificate of construction clearance and certificate of non - converage for category projects.Mandatory compliance to the requirement for building permits for all infrastucture projects.Indicate the materials use and design strength of structural concrete.Communicate all involve parties like stakeholders to start the project implemented on time.Analyze the progress of project.The certain tasks take longer than expected.To whom to approach when an issue comes up like RROW.To whom to address to resolve the issues families affected in RROW.Sign off on critical milestones & deliverables.Ensure authorized approvers sign off.Outline parameters & limitations.Identify critical construction details for tasks.Break down construction activity into main work tasks. the luminance level and measure visual attributes of criticalEstablish the process requirements.Terms used clearly.Monitor cash flowMonitor weekly progress of the implemented project.Project targets include timescales, costs & quality.Layout
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