Write about your favorite movie

Write about your favotite movie
When did you watch the film?
Who did you watch the film with?
What did you feel after you watched the film?
Who was in it?
When was it released?
What is the film about?
Which kind of film is it?
What is the name of the film?
How many times have you watched the film?
How was the film?
...stars as...
Where did you watch the film?
Which scene(s) do you like most?
Which character(s) do you like most?
What is the meaning of the film?
What have you learned from the film?
Do you want to see the film again?
The name of the film is....
It is a(n)....film
The film is about...
The film tells
It was released in....
I like...most
The characters I like most is...
The scene impresses me most is...
I watched the film at...
I watched it...
I watched the film with...
I have watched this film...times
The film is....
After watching the film, I felt....
The meaning of the film is....
I have learned....from the film
I want to see the film again...and recommend my friends to watch this film...
an animated film
An action film
An science fiction film
At the cinema
At home
my friends
my family
5 times
so many times