Core Elements of Safety Management

Core Element of Safety Management1.Risk Profiling2.Leadership & Management3.Competence4.Worker Involvement5.Legal CompliancePartnership Meeting Toolbox MeetingHighlight on any high risk activities and the control measureSharing of the risk that the worker face during operationHSE Committee MeetingThings to cover Share the latest legal regulation Share the latest company policyLagging and Leading indicatorHSE inspection findingsSharing of local and overseas incident investigation findingsUpdated risk registerUpdated Management of Change (MOC)Employee feedbackHSE Committee Inspection with the nominated shop floor workersEmployee Feedback FormLegal RegisterSet frequency & method for the evaluation of legal compliance Evaluate updated legal compliance with action need to be takenFrequencyQuarterlyMethodUpdate from Legal TeamSubsrciption to HSE Law updatesRisk Managment Conduct Risk AssessmentControl and monitor the risks of the work activitiesCommunication of the risk to all stakeholdersIdentify the hazardEvaluate the HazardImplement of the risk controlLikelihood Severity EliminationSubstitutionEngineering ControlAdminstrative ControlPPE (Personal Protective Equipment)Toolbox MeetingRisk Assessement Acknowledgment Risk RegistryProcess Hazard Analysis (PHA)What If AnalysisSafety CaseSafety Critical Event As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP) DemostrationLevel of disruption and costs on each type of riskTraining which are required by regulationwhy?Fulfill the legal requirementIndividual are required to know the risk of their jobTraining need to be conducted and assessed OJTTestResponsible people have to be clear with their roles and responsibilitiesTracking system on legal required training and various job required trainingTraining matrixAttend external training by approved external training providerLeadershipManagementUnderstand the site significant risks and implementation of controls. Know the current update on health and safety status BBS (Behaviour Based Safety) conducted by leaderTo understand the current safety practice If any unsafe behaviour, leader can communicate with the employee, let them know their unsafe behaviour and advise them on good practiceSystematic approach to manage health & safetyEnsure employee are able to understand the risk and control measureDocumentation need to organised, review and updatedAll performance are measured and monitoredEmployee and contractor understand their roles & responsibility