GoldenfishOrigin LongevityHabitatName : Phan Diệu LyCharacteristicsClass : 2Bwere originally from China. were bred for their golden colors during the Tang Dynasty and the Song Dynasty became popular in Japan where many new breeds were introduced.were brought to the United States in the late to live in water that is 50F to in aquariums, small domesticated ponds and live in the wild such as slow moving rivers, lakes, and ponds. can live for years.will live for 6 to 8 years when properly cared for..can vary in size, color, and shapehave been known to grow up to 2 feet long and nearly 10 poundslike to eat plants and insects when living in the wild.might be a bit smarter than you thinkare orange-gold in color, are grayish-white with orange spots (like the comet goldfish) , have black spots or are olive-green.has a butterfly or peacock type tail and the bubble eye goldfishcan see and remember well enough to distinguish between people.often notice the person that feeds them each day and will get excited when they see them.have been trained to do tricks like swim through mazes, swim through hoops, or even push a ball into a net.MAGAZINE READING WEAK 1Magazine Title : Goldenfish Volume : 1
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