Delay in discharge

Delay in discharge
System factor
Discharge process
Lack of orientation/familiarization on discharge process
No turn around time per step in the discharge process
Organizational factor
Delayed issuance of hospital bill
Lack of manpower
Health care worker factor
Administrative factor
Each department has inherent flaws on discharge process
Health and social care factor
Waiting for the transport vehicle
Delay submission of Face sheet
Delay in giving prescription
Delay in giving discharge summary
Delay in giving medical abstract
Late rounds of attending physician
Delay in giving fetal death certificate
Unavailability of consultant/ resident
Elimination of ward rounds for philhealth requirements
Inability to adapt to changing philhealth circular/policySub Topic
Longer philhelath processing time
Cut off time of philhealth office
Manual processing of patient's documents
Newly hired staff are not oriented on the discharge process
Technical problems encountered on the submission of philhealth document
Incomplete charts
Delayed new born screening
Diagnosis not supported by laboratory results
incomplete diagnosis
no OR technique
no ICD code
no RUV code
Patient factor
Lack of knowledge on philhealth coverage
Financial burden of the hospitalization cost
Discrepancy with the philhealth entries and legal documents
Solo watcher
Geographically far residence
Financial burden on transportation
Incomplete philhealth requirements
Low educational background
External factor
Delay in obtaining MDR in philhealth main office
Long turn around time at Malasakit center
Long turn around time at PCSO
Absence of PSCO representative inside the hospital
Restrained philhealth transactions
Closed government offices on weekdays and holidays
LGU restrictions
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