My daily life - Erick Mosquera

My daily life Erick Mosquera1. What do you do in your free time?2. What is your favorite activity on the weekends?3. Where do you like to do your homework?In my free time I listen to, dance and sing Ecuadorian music with different rhythms.6. What healthy foods can you eat in the morning?My favorite activity is being able to spend with my partner either watching movies or going out to eat.4. What time do you get up in the morning?I like to do homework in my room, because the environment is very quiet.I usually get up at 8 in the morning.5. What do you like to eat on the weekends?For the weekends I like to eat noodle soup and second a rice with chicken and potatoes.9. What type of shopping center do you want to visit?10. What is it you don't like about vegetarian food?8. What kind of clothes can you wear when having a party?7. How often do you practice your English?In the morning I can eat a fruit diet, with natural juice and a good portion of salad.I practice English 3 times a week, both listening and reading texts in English.I would wear clothes like a blushin pants, a shirt with a tie and a good suit or suede jacket.I would like to visit the Iñaquito shopping center and the Cc Quicentro Norte with my partner, due to their great popularity.What I like about vegetarian food is its processed meats which have a different flavor.
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