FROM THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK“The Diary of Anne Frank” is an autobiography that was first published in 1947. In this, Anne expresses her thoughts in a diary which was gifted to her on her thirteenth birthday. She names the diary “kitty” which she considers as her only true friend. She mentions about her childhood, her family and a lot other things that she told no one else.Anneliese Marie Anne Frank [ 12 June 1929 - February/March 1945She was a German born Jewish girl who wrote while in hiding family and 4 friends in Amsterdam during German occupation of Netherlands in WW2.Her family moved to Amsterdam after the Nazis gained power in Germany but were trapped when the Nazi occupation extended into the Netherlands.As persecutions against the Jweish populations increased, the family went into hiding in July 1942 in hidden rooms in her father Otto Franks office building. After 2 years hiding, the group was transported to the concentration camp system where Anne died of typhus in Bergen-Belsen.Only her father survived. He came back to Amsterdom, he found Annes diary. Then he published it. The diary was given to Anne Frank for her 13th birthday. She recorded from 12 June 1942 to 1 August 1944.Writing a diary was a strange experience for Anne. Because she was writing for 1st time and she thought later no one would be intrested imn the musings [thinking about ourselves] of a 13 year old school girl. She thought 'Paper has more patience than people'.She had a loving parents and a 16 year old old sister, and about 30 friends i.e she had a loving family. But she did not have a real friend.She was not close to her friends. She does not confide antything [She does not tell her personal things]. That is why she started writing diary. She considers the diary as her friend. and she named it 'Kitty.'As in future no one would understand from where she is writing, she wrote briefly about herThen her father emigrated to Holland in 1933.She and her sister were sent to Aaechan to stay with their grandmother in september.Her sister went to Holland in December and Anne went in February.Father - Otto Frankfurt, Most Adorable Father.Married her mother when he was 36 and her mom was 25.Mother-Edith Hollander Frankfurt.Sister- Margot, born in germany [Frankfurt] in 1926.Anne- Was born on 12 June 1929, lived in Frankfurt until she was 4.She was sent to Montessori nursery school. She stayed there until she was 6. Her teacher was Mrs Kuperus, her headmistsress. At end of the year they both were in tearsas they said farewell.In the summer of 1941 her grandma fell ill and had an operation. Her grandma died in Jan 1942. She loved and missed her grandma so much and no one knew that. On her birthday, Grandmas candle was also lit along with the rest.She was writing this on 12 June 1942.7 / 07 / 2021ASWATHI P V, X-A
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