LINEAR ALGEBRA (KKKQ1223)System of Linear Equations and MatricesDeterminantsSystems of Linear EquationsGaussian EliminationElementary Matrices Applications of Linear SystemLeontif Input-Output Models Row Reduction Cramer’s RuleGeneral Vector SpacesReal Vector SpacesSubspacesSpanning SetsLinear IndependenceCoordinates and BasisDimensionChange of BasisRow Space, Column Space and Null SpaceRank, Nullity and the Fundamental Matric SpacesRow OperationRow Echelon Form (REF)Elimination methodNetwork analysislinear systemtraffic patternsElectrical circuitsBalancing chemical equationPolynomial interpolationvector spaces axiomshomogenus systemlinear combinationsInner Product SpaceInner productshomogeneousnon-homogeneousequivalent statementinverse matrices 2 x 2 matrices 3 x 3 matrices and above (Cofactor Expansion)