Theme 2_TOWN CENTRES - NEA contextual challenge

Theme 2: TOWN CENTRES (how can this product be used to attract people)Context AnalysisWho shall my client be?What temperature, weather, climate, location is it best suited for?How could I make the product more durable and resilient?Could my product be more sustainable and environmentally friendly?Could my product have more than one purpose?How can I optimise practicality of this product?how can I incorporate more materials to make this multimedia?What methods of construction couldd I use?What materials are best suited to this project?How will my product encourage and attract people to visit town centres?How could I make it affordable?What could I do to make the garment more comfortable/ergonomic?How can I make this product safe?Young age group?Does it need to insulate?Should it be breathable?Should it be waterproof?Do they work or visit the town centre?InterfacingWebbingLiningBoningPipingCould I use recycled fabric?Could the fabric I use be biodegradable?Could it have fold away features?could I use lighting?Could I use wood?OverlockerFrench seamsHand stitchingLinks back to the weather and temperature?Irredecent?Glow in the dark?Something with drape and sturdiness ?Recycle preloved garments?Layplanning?Use fabrics that don't irritate?Make it easy to take off and put onMeasure client accurately listen to clients needs What fastenings would be appropriate?Zips/Invisible zipsButtonsPoppersHook and eyeEyelets and lacesVelcro ElasticCould it fold away?How can I make it easy to wash?Link it to an event?Bright and colourfulUniqueUse things that are reflective for nightimeMake sure it is appropriate for physical activityExploring Design Brief (ideas)Festival wearBagMerchandise Antitheft Reflective for nightimeCould include lights for night clubs and festivals Lights Irredecent MultimediaPromotes town centreUsefulUmbrellaBagExploring Design Brief (problems)Finishing the product within the time givenTime management Prioritising with a is important in terms of meeting the brief Sourcing sustainable, recyclable, biodegradable or recycled material Making the product aesthetically pleasing While maintaining the usefulness While limiting environmental impact Finding a client Someone who will find the product usefulMay have a need that can be adressedThe challenges that the material bringsMay affect the construction methods I use May affect the performance of the product Making the product fit my client Measure accurately Adjust measurements as constructing the product Ensuring the product is comfortable and ergonomic Communicate with my client Adjust as I go Find alternative ways Find alternative ways Staying within my budget Reducing materialsRecycling old garmentsLay planningComfortableINTRODUCTION: I have chosen Theme 2, Town Centres: Contectual challenge A~ How can this product be used to attract people to the town centre. On this page I will be exploring the ideas I have for the challenge as well as a range of problems around the contextual challenge and considering what I need to researchI chose this problem because I think it is a problem that may not be considered when making the town centre more attractive. I also think that the project that I have chosen is one that can include many different medias and fabrics to create an interesting productOn this page, I have collected and summarised the problems and investigations I will do to achieve a successful product. I have thought about what I could make, the problems that may occur - so that I have an alternative solution- and the questions I may ask my client. It is important to interact with my client so that I am well prepared and address all my clients needs, likes and dislikes so that the product I make is useful and loved by my client
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