Five principal consorts of Guru Rinpoche

Five consorts1.Introduction6.Yeshay TsogyalOcean of Wisdomone of the two most important consorts of Guru.She is also one of the main disciples of Guruemanation of Arya Tara or Vajrayogini.5.Tashi KyedrenAuspicious Dog Keepernomad womenstudent and consort of Padmasambhava4.Belmo Sakya Devirainbow bodyMandarava of Zahor; the emanation of Vajravarahi's BodyBelwong Kalasiddhi of India; the emanation of Vajravarahi's QualityBelmo Sakya Devi of Nepal; the emanation of Vajravarahi's MindTashi Kyedren of ‘the Himalayas’; the emanation of Vajravarahi's ActivityYeshe Tsogyal of Tibet; the emanation of Vajravarahi's Speech7.Conclusion2.Mandarawa3.Belwong KalasiddhiQueen Mother of AttainmentMandarawa means white flowerOne of the two important consorts of Guru.Seat on right side of Guru Rinpochenprincess in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh in India.At 16 years of age, Mandarava the first of Padmasambhava'sShe is dressed in Indian style garmentsbodystory of this woman is similar to that of Shakya Deviabandoned when their mothers died in childbirthMandarava, who found the infant sucking at her dead mother's breastsnurtured her, thus saving her life,apparently brought her upBecome one of the so-called Five ConsortsQualityA daughter of the Nepalese king PunyedharaWhen her mother died while giving birthnurtured by the monkeys who lived therePadmasambhava one of , the so-called Five Consortsshe practiced with him in the Cave of YangleshNyingma-pa practice, the practitioner's mind merges with that of a deityshe also achieved the rainbow bodyMindHimalayas’.Activityborn as a princess in Kharchen,TibetGuru’s oral teaching was written by herspecial ability to cure leprosy with her handheavily dressed in Tibetan robesSpeechtempleDzongshome