The Impact of Covid-19 for families and society

The Impact of Covid-19 for my family and societyEmotional FeelingEconomicSocial ActivityPhysical Appearancelosing their workincome losses, no income no foodpoor healthlack of savetyEmotional unsablemental healthlack of social supportsale of assetsI should support such as give food nutrition, vitamin, or medical surgery for themI must give the suggestion to keep ourselves cleanwhen I couldn't give financial income, I should help them in healthy meal or nutrition food?I should give some tips to increase their imun such as excersice, watching TV, etcI must give the emotional boosts such as you have to "positive thinking, you'll be okay, etc"I give the suggestion to do positive acivityEducation short learning periodtrouble in gadged and connectionI will give free reading books to spend their time Mind mappingMind Map is a graphical and hierarchical representation of ideas consist of main topic to associated sub topics using keyword and other graphic elements to trigger memoryMind mapping is a technique of capturing ideas associated with a topic and visually arranging them in radiant format using keywords on a paper or mind mapping software as your thoughts come to you.The basic things on mind mapping1. Tittle2. Sub topic3. Branch4. LevelThe map title is the central idea of your mind map. It is the central point where other topics branches out from it.A topic is the basic unit of a mind map. When you add a topic, you create a new branch that leads out to sibling or child topic.Level represents hierarchy of branches formed around the central topic. You can think of it as tree rings or ripples on water to get a better understanding.Though branch may be a very small component of a map, it stillcarries an important function. Branch connects two closely related topics. And the number of branches that can be created in each level is unlimited.EXAMPLE
178 2 3