PovertyBarriers to Accessing Health CareHealth Consequences of Poverty Negative Attitudes Towards Poverty Ability to pay for that healthcare.Lack of transportation to health services.Lack of knowledge of what resources are available.Living in poverty interferes with growth and development with children. It can cause psycological disorders like depression, anxiety, and can lead to substance abuse.The use of those substances can cause life long diseases. The poor are unmotivated, and could help themselves if they tried.Culturally Competant Nursing Care They are dirty can have many communicable diseases.They have made bad choices to end up this way. Treaat all clinets with the same dignity. Ask about their life and listen to what they have to sayOffer the same amount of respect and quaility care, offer resources if avaliable Community ResourcesThe Salvation Army can help with housing, food, and clothing.St. Vicent De Paul offers clothes and food, and other resources to those in need.