Whta is nutrition

Nutrition?What is nutrition?Why we need nutrition?Where we can get nutrition? Who can take nutrition?Vegetarian source of nutritionprocess of consuming food somthing jo ki proper body growth m hmari help kremainly 6 types of nutition our body needs to balace our body activitiesBenefits of taking nutrition?Person who do physical hard workMenWomenStudentEvery Human beingwe can say protein,carbohydrates,vitamines,minerals,fat,water in sbhi poshak tatvo ko hi hum nutrition khte h to balance human biological activityfor proper growth of human bodyphysicallymentallySampurn ahar hi savasthya jivan ka adhar haito have a happy and healthy lifehave disease free futuredefeciency of vitamines cause diseasesfor eg.vitamin A=night blindness (source of vitamin A=butter)vitamin B=Anaemia (source=cheese,spinach)C=sukervy (source= orange)D=rickets (source=sunlight)E=fast aging(Souurce=milk)Suppliment vs natural nutrition?1. carbohydrates (source of carbs)aaluricerotimakka,saabut anaaj2.Vasa (Fat)Dairy products- milk,paneer,curdnuts- peanut,akhrot 3.Protiendairy productsgreen vegetablesnut buttersoy products4. vitamin5.mineral6.waterfal sbjiyo sefal sbjidairy productsnuts60% h body m paani overall healthy body and mind1.healthy heart2.Reduce cancer risk3.Better mood4.improve gut health5.improve memory6.Weight loss7.Diabetes management8.Strong bones and teeth9.getting a good night sleep10.Health of next generation.supplimentdiet +additionalnatural food are best