Quantum Physics

QUANTUM PHYSICSSchrodinger Wave EquationInfinite Potential WellHeisenberg's Uncertainty PrincipleA potential well is a potential energyfunction V(x) that has a minimum.,Schrodinger Equation for a particle in wellDual Nature of MatterDe Broglie`s HypothesisWave Packet ConceptDEFINITION : If a light wave can act as a wave sometimes and as a particle at other times, then particles such as electrons should also act as waves at times. This is known as de Broglie hypothesis.De Broglie`sEquation, DEFINITION : The superposition of several waves having same amplitude and slightly different frequencies or wavelengths is known as wave packetGroup Velocity : The velocity with which the wave packet propagates is called the group velocity.Phase Velocity : The velocity with which the plane of equal phase travels through a medium is known as the phase velocity.STATEMENT : It is impossible to know simultaneously and with exactness both the position and momentum of a microparticle.Expression :APPLICATIONS : 1. To find the expression for Bohr's Orbit and Energy.2. To find the position of Particle in a Box.3. It confirms the non-existance of electroninside nucleus.Born's Interpretation : The square of the magnitude of the wave function |Ψ|^2evaluated in a particularregion represents the probability of finding the particle in that region.Normalization Condition :Expression :MADE BY : ADITYA D. POHANE ROLL NO. : L-22 REG. NO. :20010414 GUIDED BY: MANISHA UPASANI MAM