Brutus's speech mind map

Brutus's speechEthos PathosLogosHe asks the Plebeians to be quiet and listen to him.This allows him to exercise his authority."...If there are any, speak ,for it is he who I have offended.I will pause for a reply..."This is because the Plebeians want answers concerning Caesar's death.He is trying to convince the Plebeians to trust what he is telling them.He cares about the future of the Romans.Caesar's ambition and selfishness was causing suffering to the people."There are tears for his love,joy for his fortune,honor for his bravery,and death for his ambition."Despite his goodness which is acknowledged,his ambition led him to his death.Not that he loved Caeser less but he loved Rome more.He is able to closely identify with the Romans and express his love for them."...As Caesar loved me,I weep for him.."Presents him as sad about the demise of Caesar.
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