Mental health in this covid 19 situation

Mental Health During COVID - 19 Impect on diffrent aged peopleTake breaks fromadolescents and youthHow to improve mental healthMake time to unwindTake careof your bodyfeeling anxietydepressionless motivation to do activitiesless motivated to do regular choresMiddle AdulhoodChildernChild feels sad or empty trouble in sleeping Nothing is much funProblems with appetiteLoneliness DepressionAdultAnxiety No energy for things Increased comitting suicide Less interest in educationTired a lot Cannot thinkFeels worthlessDoesn’t want to moveFeels restlessSleep disturbanceUnemploymentSever diseaseLonelinessMental imbalanceSleep disturbance or nightmaresConnect with othersConnect with your community- or faith-based organizationsAngerChronic health problemsHeadaches Body painsStomach problemsSkin rashesIncreased use of tobacco, alcohol, and other substancesWatchingReadingSocial mediaTake deep breaths, stretch, or meditateTry to eat healthy, well-balanced mealsExercise regularlyGet plenty of sleepAvoid excessive alcohol, tobaccoGet vaccinated with a COVID-19 vaccine
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